Top 10 Best Dating Sites of 2015

The Top 10 Best Single Sites of 2016

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Rank We determine rank by evaluating which site is best overall. This factors in our evaluation of features, safety,  support, search tools, value for money and customer reviews.Dating SiteBest ForFeaturesOverall RatingBottom LineRatingsMore Info
Best for adult singles seeking compatible relationships
100New matchmaking tools make this site ideal for members to find their most compatible partner.
Best for singles seeking a huge pool of eligible daters
99Very popular dating site with huge success for online daters.
Best for men and women 50+ seeking friendships and romantic relationships
97User-friendly website design and great service makes this dating site perfect for an older crowd.
Best for African American singles or singles seeking to connect with black daters
96Great site with multiple options for communication and searching.
Best for singles who want relationships that will lead to marriage
98Highly used dating site for matching people based on 29-key personality dimensions.
Best for moms and dads seeking love and companionship
95Over millions of single parents seeking love and meaningful relationships
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Choosing The Best Dating Sites for You

Diving into the world of online dating is a step you've decided to take, but you aren't quite sure where to start. Determining your budget, as well as specific characteristics of your ideal mate, will help you to choose which site to sign up for.

Your Online Dating Budget

Before you can actually join a dating site, you must decide how much you can afford. Essentially, your budget helps to restrict some of the option. You also need to see how much you want to spend on this endeavor and decide if it is a long-term commitment you want to make or just something a bit different that you want to try. Free sites are available, and you can weigh the benefits and negatives of those as well.

Use of Free Dating Sites

There are dozens of free sites that can be great for online daters on a budget. When you sign up for a free site, you must remember that anyone else is capable of doing so as well. Oftentimes paid subscribers to dating sites that require a monthly membership attract more serious daters who are dedicated to meeting quality people online. When it comes down to it, a monthly subscription for online dating only comes out to the cost of a few blended coffee drinks or one dinner out on the town. In the long run, choosing to invest in online can really pay off.

Specific Characteristics of Users

Some individuals are interested in meeting many different people with a wide range of interests, but others already have certain qualities defined in their intended mate. For example, you might want to date only those from Christian or Jewish faiths. In this case, you should register with a faith-based dating site that invites only those from those religions to join. You might also look for local sites so that you can match up with individuals who live in the area. Opting for smaller pools of people helps to connect you with those who share your interests, faith, hobbies or passions.

Requested Information

If you have the opportunity to do so before registering, you should take a virtual tour of what types of information you'll need to include on your profile and what you'll be able to see on the profiles of others. For example, you might want to find someone who has hobbies that are similar to yours, but if these details are not part of the profile, then you will not be able to accomplish that goal. Getting a feel for the type of experience you'll have on the site is important before spending the money to register.

The world of Internet dating is growing at a rapid speed, and you want to become a part of it. Still, don't just sign up for any site; choose one that has the highest chance of leading you to find your ideal mate.